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Seminar - PCL, IIGI, Cutler-Smith

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
11:30 am1:30 pm
Park Central 7 - Dallas
Seminar - PCL, IIGI, Cutler-Smith

Knowing how to prepare for an OSHA visit, as well as knowing what to expect when an OSHA inspector arrives, are two of the hottest topics in the construction arena.

In this year’s edition of our OSHA Compliance series, Sierra Dwight of 365 Workplace Safety and Spike Cutler of Cutler-Smith will be discussing what triggers an inspection, how to prepare for one, and what to expect when one occurs. They will also share some stories of OSHA inspections, and share insights on how you can make sure your bases are covered when an inspector is up to bat.

Lunch and handout materials are provided for a modest fee of $35.

Park Central 7
12750 Merit Drive
First Floor Conference Room
Dallas, Texas 75251