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Election Update

The two Constitutional Amendments that were on the statewide ballot on May 7th passed by overwhelming margins.  Additionally, there was a Special Election in HD-147 (Houston) to fulfill the unexpired term of former Rep. Garnet Coleman.  Jolanda Jones (D) defeated Danielle Keys Bess (D) by 202 votes (52%-48%). 

The Primary Runoff Elections will be held on May 24th with early voting beginning on May 16th. 

If you voted in the March Republican Party Primary, you may only vote in the Republican Party Runoff.  If you voted in the March Democratic Party Primary, you may only vote in the Democratic Party Runoff.  If you did not vote in either March Primary, you may vote in either of the Runoff elections.

There are a few statewide contests in each party's primary, including Attorney General, Land Commissioner, and Railroad Commissioner.  Click here for more information on statewide races. 

Runoff races for Texas House of Representative seats are as follows:

SD-24 (currently held by Sen. Dawn Buckingham, candidate for Land Commissioner)

Republican Primary Runoff: Pete Flores v. Raul Reyes, Jr.

SD-27 (currently held by Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr., retiring)

Democratic Primary Runoff: Morgan LaMantia v. Sara Stapleton-Barrera

HD-12 (currently held by Rep. Kyle Kacal)

Republican Primary Runoff: Kyle Kacal v. Ben Bius

HD-17 (currently held by Rep. John Cyrier, retiring)

Republican Primary Runoff: Stan Gerdes v. Paul Pape

HD-19 (currently held by Rep. James White, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner)

Republican Primary Runoff: Ellen Troxclair v. Justin Berry

HD-22 (currently held by Rep. Joe Deshotel, retiring)

Democratic Primary Runoff: Joseph Trahan v. Christian "Manuel" Hayes

HD-23 (currently held by Rep. Mayes Middleton, candidate for SD-11)

Republican Primary Runoff: Patrick Gurski v. Terri Leo-Wilson

HD-37 (currently held by Rep. Alex Dominguez)

Democratic Primary Runoff: Ruben Cortez v. Luis Villarreal, Jr.

HD-52 (currently held by Rep. James Talarico, candidate for HD-50)

Republican Primary Runoff: Pat McGuinness v. Caroline Harris

HD-60 (currently held by Rep. Glenn Rogers)

Republican Primary Runoff: Glenn Rogers v. Mike Olcott

HD-61 (currently held by Rep. Phil King, candidate for SD-10)

Republican Primary Runoff: Frederick Frazier v. Paul Chabot

HD-63 (currently held by Rep. Tan Parker, candidate for SD-12)

Republican Primary Runoff: Ben Bumgarner v. Jeff Younger

HD-70 (currently held by Rep. Scott Sanford, retiring)

Republican Primary Runoff: Jamee Jolly v. Eric Bowlin

Democratic Primary Runoff: Cassandra Garcia Hernandez v. Mihaela Plesa

HD-73 (currently held by Rep. Kyle Biederman, retiring)

Republican Primary Runoff: Barron Casteel v. Carrie Isaac

HD-76 (currently held by Rep. Claudia Ordaz Perez, candidate for HD-79)

Democratic Primary Runoff: Suleman Lalani v. Vanesia Johnson

HD-84 (currently held by Rep. John Frullo, retiring)

Republican Primary Runoff: David Glasheen v. Carl Tepper

HD-85 (currently held by Rep. Phil Stephenson)

Republican Primary Runoff: Phil Stephenson v. Stan Kitzman

HD-91 (currently held by Rep. Stephanie Klick)

Republican Primary Runoff: Stephanie Klick v. David Lowe

HD-93 (currently held by Rep. Matt Krause, candidate Tarrant County District Attorney)

Republican Primary Runoff: Nate Schatzline v. Laura Hill

HD-100 (currently held by Rep. Jasmine Crockett, candidate for CD-30)

Democratic Primary Runoff: Sandra Crenshaw v. Venton Jones

HD-114 (currently held by Rep. John Turner, retiring)

Democratic Primary Runoff: Alexandra Guio v. John Bryant

HD-122 (currently held by Rep. Lyle Larson, retiring)

Republican Primary Runoff: Elisa Chan v. Mark Dorazio

HD-133 (currently held by Rep. Jim Murphy, retiring)

Republican Primary Runoff: Shelly Barineau v. Mano DeAyla

HD-147 (after winning on May 7th Jolanda Jones will be the incumbent)

Democratic Primary Runoff: Jolanda Jones v. Danielle Keys Bess