Mission & History

About The Association

Meeting Subcontractor's Needs

SAM seeks to provide informative and factual business practice information such as industry payment practices, change order procedures, and job-site experiences. We do this through a business dinner program that also serves to alert members to changes in rules, regulations, and laws affecting daily business operations. We hold seminars with in-depth information on subjects requested by members, and provide up-to-date reports of court filings, bankruptcies, and job or tax liens as part of our monthly meetings.

SAM Seminars

Members benefit from presentations by industry experts on topics such as the following:

  • Mechanics' and materialmen's liens: Texas' complicated lien law explained
  • Payment bonds and claims: Practical tips for getting paid on public works projects
  • Legislative initiatives: What Austin and Washington are doing to "help" you
  • Safety: Control your exposure to losses resulting from dangerous practices and protect your employees
  • Insurance: Protecting your business from loss through effective insurance strategies

Dinner Presentation

Members also enjoy dinner presentations on topics such as these:

  • Total quality management
  • Loss prevention
  • Critical path scheduling
  • Delay damages & impact recovery
  • Critical dates in the business lives of subcontractors
  • Doing business in Dallas County
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Drug prevention in the workplace
  • Texas Prompt Pay Laws
  • Job-site Crime Prevention
  • Small Claims Court and how to use it
  • Hiring and firing under Texas labor laws
  • Texas Sales Tax
  • Construction unemployment claims Mediation v. Court